Passenger and Cruise vessels

  • Noise analysis and optimization of noise countermeasures for
    • 135m River Cruise Vessel (2017)
    • 200m Ro-Pax-Ferry (2017)
    • Expeditionary Cruise Vessel (2018)
    • Expeditionary Cruise Vessel (running)
  • Comprehensive noise study to develop the integration of special entertainment devices on top of a luxury cruise vessel newbuilt (2018)
  • Further acoustic services like noise control, noise & vibration measurement, N&V problem identification, etc
    • TUI Cruises: Mein Schiff 3
    • AIDA Cruises: AIDAsol, AIDAprima
    • Carnival Cruises UK: Queen Mary II
    • 15,000 DWT Ro-Pax vessel

 Research vessels

  • Consultancy throughout the whole design and construction process for deep sea research vessel SONNE. Customer: Meyer Werft 2011-2014. Applied underwater radiated noise (URN) requirement: ICES 209
  • Consultancy for a comprehensive refit of a research vessel to fulfill DNV Silent R Class (2018)
  • Comprehensive consultancy for two research vessel newbuildings. Applied URN requirement: DNV Silent R class (running)
  • Design consultancy for contract design for a German Icebreaking Research Vessel (2017)
  • Design consultancy for contract design of German research vessel (2016) 

Yacht and Mega Yacht Projects

Thorough noise and vibration consultancy from contract phase to delivery. Acoustic concept development, noise level prediction, recommendation and optimization of countermeasures, special low-noise integration of engines, measurement of final levels during sea trials. Noise and Vibration Control Projects: 

  • 180m Mega Yacht (2015)
  • 160 m Mega Yacht (2015)
  • 90 m Mega Yacht (2014)
  • Three 80 m Mega Yachts (2014 – 2016)
  • 80m Mega Yacht (2016)
  • 62m Mega Yacht (2018)
  • 70m Mega Yacht (2018)
  • 77m Mega Yacht (2018)

Propulsion design analysis and consultancy for: 

  • 150 m Mega Yacht
  • 140 m Mega Yacht 
  • 90m Mega Yacht
  • 60m Mega Yacht

Underwater Radiated Noise (URN) measurements, prediction and control for:

  • 140m Mega Yacht (2016)
  • 100m Mega Yacht (2016)
  • 140m Mega Yacht (2018)
  • 110m Mega Yacht (2017)

Trouble shooting for propulsion and exhaust noise for four 90 m Yachts. Cause and effect investigation, recommendation for suitable countermeasures, measurement and verification of successful implementation.

Cargo vessels

  • Noise and vibration analysis
  • Noise level calculations
  • Risk assessment
  • Optimization of noise countermeasures

All services are aimed to comply with MSC.337(91) IMO Code on noise, MLC 2006 or comfort class notations. Services have been rendered so far for 35 vessels (Tanker, Bulk Carrier, Container Vessels, LNG and LPG Carrier.

Military vessels

Our diverse and comprehensive services in this field of work ensure that high military requirements on underwater radiated noise (URN) of the ships are met. We also advice vendors of engines, different systems and components how they can meet the shipyards specifications on structure borne noise (SBN), Airborne noise (ABN) or shock. 

Please note that we cannot share any details on our projects and customers. 

 Engine, gear or propulsion manufacturer

Continuous assistance of known vendors for ship engines, gears or propulsion systems on acoustic issues. Examples: 

  • Reduction of noise or vibration emissions
  • Assistance in the compliance with acoustic specifications
  • Development of double elastic mounting systems for engines
  • Integration of systems into the ship
  • Integration of an active mounting system

 Ship noise control in ports

  • Development of a study on the noise emissions of cruise ports for the Green Cruise Port Project (bitte verlinken)
  • Development of a study on the noise emissions of several cruise ships in a German port
  • Development of a study on the noise emissions of several container vessels in a German port
  • Identification of dominant noise sources on board of cargo vessels in order to reduce the noise exposure of port residents. 
  • Development and implementation of different noise countermeasures to reduce the emitted ship noise at the sources (e.g. exhaust gas noise of generator engines, ventilation fans)
  • Measurement of underwater noise during cargo operation of a bulk carrier in a German port