DW-ShipConsult conducted a study on Cruise Ship and Cruise Terminal emissions for the Hamburg Port Authority (HPA) during the Interreg Project „Green Cruise Port“. This study focused on the systematic documentation and evaluation of all sources for noise, air pollutants and green house gases (GHG) connected with the berthing of a Cruise Liner. To do that, DW-ShipConsult measured noise on board of several Cruise Ships, on the pier and at different noise contributors in port (e.g. busses, trucks, cargo handling, ventilation on the terminal roof, etc.). 

Based on the analysis of the findings, mitigation measures where discussed and evaluated. Some measures like a LNG power pack or a power barge where also measured for its noise reduction potential for the whole terminal and ship. 

The study provides recommendations for future Cruise Ship Terminal and Cruise Ship operation in ports with a minimum of noise, GHG or air pollutants emissions. 

To access the official document, click here.